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Graphics: $75/hr to $125/hr
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Mailing: $0.05 to $0.15/piece - $150 Min
Postage: $0.22 to $0.26/piece

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Since 1997, DirectMailQuotes (DMQ) has been matching direct mail projects to the top professional mailing services and printers in the nation. We've sent out over 100,000 Request for Quotes to certified bulk mail experts to ensure successful direct mail campaigns. Learn why DMQ is the best choice for your project.

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Please include the types of pieces that need to be inserted into your envelope.
Please includet he printing needs of your job (1-color, 2-color, full color, preference of paper, if any).
Please include the specifics of the mailing list that you need (consumers, businesses, geography, demographics, etc.).

Why Your Mailer Should Be Your Printer:
  1. Mailers will likely give you better pricing on their services if they are handling both the mailing and printing.   
  2. There is no shipping costs between the printer and the mailer.
  3. There is never any issues with coming short on material for the mailing.
  4. When your mailer also prints, they are responsible for the quality and accuracy of the entire project.
    So if there is a problem, one company can handle the re-printing, mailing and postage of the job.




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