Why DMQ is the Right Choice

Started in 1997, DirectMailQuotes (DMQ) was the very first online service to match mail and print shops with people who needed quotes on their direct mail projects. While competitors have started up since then, no other service offers all of the following advantages:

  1. Breadth of direct mail partners. Since we have been around the longest, you can be sure that we have a wide variety of mail shops that can handle nearly every project imaginable, located all over the United States.

  2. Job matching capabilities. Every mail and print vendor of ours fills out a comprehensive questionnaire about the types and sizes of jobs they handle. So if you have a very small or very large project, your Request For Quote will only be sent to shops that regularly deal with jobs of that quantity. And if you have special processing needs, that too will be matched to our vendors best capable to handle the project.

  3. We specialize in this. Many of our competitors are just “bidding sites” for hundreds of services. At DMQ, this is the only bidding service we handle, so we can do it better. From questions on the Request For Quote that more accurately define your job, to special features, like being able to remove your current vendor from the list of mailers and printers that receive your Request For Quote. We were founded by those in the industry and our experience helps us to continually do a better job.

  4. We care about your privacy. We promise never to sell the e-mail addresses of our users. And because we’re not one of those other “bidding sites”, we are not going to stuff your box with e-mails about our other services. In fact, about the only other e-mail you may get from us, would be one asking about how we can make the service better.

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Thank you, and happy mailing!

Jacksen Adams
DirectMailQuotes.com, a division of Mailers Haven, LLC